Jouju Inari Inarizushi (sushi rice stuffed in seasoned Aburaage fried tofu pouches) made by the monks in Yamagata Prefecture with prayer.Make your dreams come true by eating Yume Inari. Kaga Domain with a net worth of 1 million koku of rice, Kanazawa Prefecture Supervised by Shinichiro Takagi, Owner and executive chef of Zeniya, Japanese restaurant Sit in front of a Buddhist altar.Join your hands in prayer, then slowly lift your head up and look at the principle image of Buddha.What do you pray for?What dreams would you like to achieve?Dream is about not giving up.Dream will further enrich your way of life. If you want your dreams to come true, first you need to fill your stomach with your dreams.I want to share the power to make dreams come true with everyone…Before I knew it, this has become one of my dreams.Like you dwell upon dream, please slowly chew these Jouju Inari and eat until you are full. I’m sure this will give you energy from inside of your body.

These special Inarizushi are made without any compromise cooks in Kanazawa.
Please enjoy the deep taste of the top quality Inarizushi,
which is made with Aburaage fried tofu skin that soaked plenty of Dashi stock.

Only sold at TERA SHOP GINZA because we would like to provide deliciousness directly to you.For gift and celebration…We take orders for large quantities. Please contact us for further details.